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Gestural Dialogue: Rye, NY

Program: 15’ x 40' pool with integral spa, automatic cover, vanishing edge, and catch pool. Engineered retaining walls with terraced patios, stairs, fire pit, grilling area, plantings, and lighting.

Narrative: Woven into a hillside on a scenic overlook, a series of retaining walls create terraced areas for a vanishing edge pool and patios that enjoy borrowed views from their surroundings. Formal beds accommodate plantings to provide screening from neighboring lots and the road below, while critical alignments connect  the owner's home and program. Curved retaining walls form a gestural dialogue with the sloping hillside and architectural details on the residence. 

Swimming Pool Design | Rye, New York | Landscape Design Consulting
Landscape Design Consulting | Pool Design | Rye NY
Landscape Design Consulting | Pool Designer | Rye NY
Landscape Architect | Pool Designer | Rye NY
Landscape Architect | Pool Designer | Rye NY
Landscape Architecture | Pool Designer | Rye NY

Owner Testimonial: "I am in the final innings of a large-scale pool and hardscaping project that Sean Walters has shepherded through since the first days of design and regulatory agency approvals. We are working with a very challenging but dramatic topography. Early on, Sean offered many ideas showing us that he loved our property and took great pride in his work. Once we narrowed it down to one concept Sean remained flexible to edits and town-driven forced modifications. This engagement by Sean made the process of seeking approvals from multiple town agencies and boards (while maintaining the integrity of the original vision) far less stressful. 

All too often in large-scale and complex projects, numerous tradespeople operate in silos; this can make communication and efficiencies challenging. Sean takes pride in his work and the process. He was available to address any concerns we had and often drove conference calls and meetings to clear up any issues – often well outside of his architecture and design focus, thus eliminating the silos.

This was a very complex project and many of the considerations and limitations were well outside of pool design or landscape architecture. Sean repeatedly stepped in to meet our needs in researching an answer or lining up experienced consultants to advise on how to move forward.  He thinks of nearly everything and always with a tether to the original design integrity.  

I very much look forward to completing our pool in the coming weeks and know that Sean will remain engaged until he is satisfied that all details have been addressed…all you can ask for." - Tim S.

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