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Yin & Yang: Greenwich, CT

Program: 20' x 40' pool with integral spa, sun shelf, and automatic cover. Retaining wall with equipment pad alcove, terraced patio and planting areas, connective walkways, plantings, and lighting.

Narrative: A surgical approach was required in order to accommodate the owner’s program while addressing overlapping constraints including a gently sloping hillside with multiple upland review areas for a surrounding wetland system; collectively, these challenges informed creative thinking that netted a balanced Yin & Yang form with mirrored lounge areas and walks across the pool.

Owner Testimonial: “Working with Sean was a great experience.  His design brilliance was evident at our first meeting; however, it was his ability to bring his vision to life, including navigating the various technical and environmental complexities that really made him shine.  Sean often went above and beyond his scope as an architect, bringing many of the construction, local municipalities and service components together like a symphony conductor.  Highly recommend!” - Colin G.

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