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Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture reflects the highest level of design as applied to outdoor spaces, and requires a multidisciplinary understanding of all of the interests relative to a given project. Practitioners of the craft are able to weave various threads, or features, into beautiful tapestries, or programs, for human enjoyment. These threads always include considerations for health, safety, and welfare, zoning and legal matters, and a client’s wish list as informed by physical, environmental, and ecological site characteristics. Additional threads may include retaining walls and terraces, swimming pools and fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and bars, stoops and stairs, patios and walkways, planting and lighting, grading and drainage, and more. The concurrent development of interconnected program elements is fostered through the architectural process where drawings, drafted in a universal language, are created for use by other consultants, and for bidding, permitting, and construction.

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